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Fast, Efficient Scanning and Capture

Psi:Capture intelligent document capture gives users the tools to simplify scanning and electronic document processing in ways that were never available before. In the simplest terms, Psi:Capture “Fully Describes” the documents that it is processing. It can find any important data on the document, line item detail on an invoice, the matter on a pleading or mapping data on a photo. More impressively, it can do this regardless of where this information is stored. Psi:Capture is not limited to zones and cover pages, that’s why we call it intelligent document capture, and not just a scanning tool.

Once Psi:Capture has collected all of the relevant data from the documents, it validates it against any number of data sources. For example, Psi:Capture can be sure that the purchase order number it read off the invoice is valid, and is used for the vendor it recognized and can even validate the amount.

Finally, Psi:Capture puts all of this data where it belongs. It can generate invoices to be processed in an ERP system. It can push the images and data into a document management system like DocuWare or one of 60 direct integrations with the software.

Some of t​he key benefits of PSI:Capture include​​​:

  • Advanced Capturing
  • Highly automated scanning
  • Extract data from scans and migrate to other systems with as few keystrokes as possible
  • Extracted data and images can be moved to multiple platforms or locations
  • Comprehensive scanning strategies​