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The Impact of Document Management

The Impact of Document Management

To make your business more efficient, you need to do more with less, and doing so is easier than you think. Better document management reduces costs, increases cash flow, ensures you take advantage of supplier discounts and improves your customer service.

What is document management and what does it mean for your business? This video answers the question, and shows you how document management software optimizes everyday business processes, internal workflows and automates the document storage process.

Some real life examples on the impact of document management:

  • An accounting firm digitized accounting documents and client information through a self-serve access portal that enabled the firm to process 66% more documents through more transparent transactional processes.
  • A manufacturing company reduced paper in customer-centric processes and realized an immediate cost savings of $47,700 a year, achieved by digitizing and automatically routing purchase orders.
  • A network of insurance agents eliminated the physical printing and mailing of 4,000 pieces of paper per month through an electronic process that saved 200 working hours a month and allowed them to add three new sales positions.
  • A mechanical engineering firm implemented paperless processes and started saving 15 hours of filing per week, equal to .5 hours per employee every day.
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